The BCH Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning working group gives our clinicians and investigators a forum for sharing knowledge and collaborating across the many facets of artificial intelligence and machine learning.

Core objectives

  1. Create a forum for BCH investigators to find like-minded collaborators
  2. Foster an environment of knowledge exchange
  3. Collaborate on funding options to improve infrastructure
  4. Create a unified body for industry discussions

Focus areas

  1. Clinical decision making
  2. Image processing and interpretation
  3. Hospital administrative functions and capacity planning
  4. Basic methods
  5. Life sciences and drug development
  6. Omics research and omics-informed medicine

Participating programs and sponsors include

  1. Computational Health Informatics Program (Prof. Ken Mandl)
  2. Research Computing (Assoc. Prof. Piotr Sliz)
  3. Department of Radiology (Prof. Ellen Grant, Rudolph Pienaar, Yangming Ou)
  4. Urodynamics Program (Scott Wang)
  5. Innovation Program (Prof. John Brownstein, Jessica Zhang)

We host

  1. Quarterly workgroup meetings
  2. Seminars
  3. Journal Clubs
  4. Please send an email to register your interest in joining.

Please send an email to register your interest in joining.

In the press

About CHIP

The Boston Children's Hospital Computational Health Informatics Program (CHIP), founded in 1994, is a multidisciplinary applied research and education program. Our faculty advance the science of biomedical informatics for molecular characterization of the patient, gene discovery, medical decision making, diagnosis, therapeutic selection, care redesign, public health management, population health, and re-imagined clinical trials.